Fix for “Missing owner for domain X, force lookup to root”

On recent cPanel versions, rebuilding the Apache conf returns the following non-fatal error: root@savannah [~]# /scripts/rebuildhttpdconf info [rebuildhttpdconf] Missing owner for domain, force lookup to root Built /usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf OK   The error does not adversely effect the way the httpd.conf file is built, but the presence of the unnecessary info message can be annoying. …

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Implementing Mandrill with Exim on cPanel

Mandrill is a transactional email service run by MailChimp, comparable to SendGrid.  It comes stock with a powerful API for fast implementation into applications for sending email reliably over SMTP, but it can also be used as a smart host for all of your server’s outgoing email. The below instructions cover how to do this…

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Unable to Change Shell via WHM or CLI

When trying to change a user’s shell via WHM, you may occasionally see the following error: Shell could not be modified As shown below: Attempting to change the shell via command line fails as well: # chsh -s /bin/bash myuser Changing shell for myuser. setpwnam: File exists Shell *NOT* changed.  Try again later. This means there is a…

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