Here at The cPanel Admin, we strive to provide helpful and accurate technical resources for Linux/cPanel system administrators.  While we do our best to make sure the information on our website is factually correct and up to date, various factors go into your success in executing on anything you read here.  This includes your specific environment, your experience level, the way in which you interpret instructions, and of course the inevitable progression of Linux/cPanel software that may render our information out of date.  What that being said, you are responsible for your own actions.  When dealing with any server, be aware of what you are doing and why.  We are not responsible for any damage resulting from following anything you read on this website.

Now that we have that out of the way, there is some information we are required to disclose, per our employers, partners, and cPanel® itself (and also to appease our pushy lawyers):

  • This website and its parent company (TCA Server Solutions, LLC) are not officially affiliated with cPanel® or any of its partners unless where otherwise indicated.  We’re just good friends, really.


  • The facts, opinions, and information provided by this site’s authors are those of the authors, and not reflective of the opinions or viewpoints of their respective employers, specifically InMotion Hosting and EndLayer.


  • Some of us are bound by non-disclosure and intellectual property agreements from our employers, clients, and/or partners that may prevent certain information, ideas, and concepts from being described on this website.  We do our best to respect these agreements, so please do not ask us to violate them.


  • We may occasionally write posts to describe and/or promote products and services offered by third parties (including partners), but the viewpoints portrayed are always unbiased.


  •  We’re not responsible for the actions of our partners or affiliates, or issues resulting from the use of their software and/or documentation.

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