cPanel Scripts

Below are scripts we’ve written that may be useful for cPanel server administrators. Feel free to download and use as you wish, but note that per our terms of use, you use these scripts at your own risk.

cPanel Automated Backup Script: Automatically back up and transfer your cPanel account via cron job

Restore DNS zones: Python script to restore DNS zones

Rotate Shared IPs:  Python script to rotate between multiple shared IP addresses

Upgrade MySQL: Bash script to upgrade MySQL without breaking PHP

Fix Account Permissions: Simple bash script to fix permissions and ownership of cPanel accounts

Fix Valiases Permissions: Bash script to fix the permissions and ownership of files in /etc/valiases and /etc/vdomainaliases

Mass Change Default Addresses: Simple sed one-liner to mass-change the default addresses for existing accounts on a server

Wildcard SSL Installation Script: Bash script to install a wildcard SSL for all subdomains of a TLD

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