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I’ve been using cPanel since 2004.  It wasn’t until joining InMotion Hosting in 2006 that I really started to dig into the internals of cPanel – to tweak its functionality to their needs, integrate with third-party services and applications, and work around cPanel-imposed restrictions.  I was instantly intrigued.

One major issue I faced, however, was the lack of resources available to cPanel server administrators.  At the time, cPanel had little documentation aimed toward advanced users, and the availability of cPanel ‘hacks’ were sparse.  So in 2009, I started this website to help other cPanel administrators with common issues and tasks that may otherwise be unexplained. Since then, thecpaneladmin.com has been largest unofficial, exclusive, and reputable technical resource for cPanel administrators.  cPanel also recommends us as a resource on their EDU website.

As of late 2013, we (I saw “we”, referring to the small staff that operate this website) receive hundreds of thousands of hits per month, have developed over a dozen cPanel/WHM/EasyApache plugins, scripts, and cheatsheets, have spoken at several industry conferences, and partnered with our new consultation firm, TCA Server Solutions.  This website is a trusted and known source in the cPanel community.  I personally have an established and growing relationship with cPanel as a company – they are one of the most customer-focused businesses you will find on the vendor spectrum in this industry, and are always striving to provide the best product to appeal to both the advanced and the novice user.

I receive dozens of emails per week from users of this website providing feedback, updates, and article requests, and I personally read them all and do the best I can to accommodate everyone.  I hope to be able to continue running this site for years to come, and provide more and more useful resources as my own knowledge of cPanel and the hosting industry continues to expand.

Feel free to drop me an email at vanessa [at] thecpaneladmin.com to let me know how I’m doing!

Vanessa Vasile

  • Twitter: vanessa_vasile
  • Skype: vanessavasile

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