Accessing cPanel Through A Firewall

There’s been a long-standing issue from a hosting provider’s point of where cPanel runs on abnormal ports, causing users behind firewalls to be unable to access cPanel. At first, there was which offered (at that time) an automated script that users could install on their hosting accounts to route cPanel traffic over port 80.…

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Assign Multiple IP Addresses on One Account

By default, cPanel supports the usage of one dedicated IP per account. However, you can get around this by editing just a few files on the server. Here are the steps: 1. Edit /var/cpanel/userdata/$user/$subdomain.$maindomain for each subdomain (for addon domains you’ll usually edit the file for the subdomain associated with the addondomain) and change the…

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Changing a Site’s IP Address

There are three ways to change a site’s IP address on a cPanel server: Via WHM: Go to WHM > Change site’s IP Address , select the account, then select the IP Via Command Line: /usr/local/cpanel/bin/setsiteip -u $user $ip Manually: (This is also useful for changing the IP address of a single domain in an…

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