Installing and Configuring Dovecot

Enabling Dovecot You can convert a server from cppop or Courier IMAP to dovecot by running the following command: /scripts/setupmailserver dovecot   Configuring Dovecot Most relevant configurations can be made via WHM > Mailserver Configuration, but you can also change these via the config templates. You generally have to save the config via WHM at…

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Understanding Dovecot IMAP and Maildir

Maildir (run by Courier IMAP or Dovecot) is a mail format used in conjunction with an MTA to store email on the server as separate files within folders. This post covers Courier IMAP as a service, not in terms of mail client usage. Directory Structure A user’s email is store in ”’/home/user/mail/<domain>/<emailuser>/…”’. Below is a…

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