Adding New Feature Groups for a cPanel Theme

You’ll probably often see hosts that have a ton of extra icons in their cPanel for various items. When you’re customizing cPanel, it’s useful to be able to be able to add icon groups for features that either need to be grouped together, or that don’t fit into other categories. cPanel 11 makes it very…

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Installing ClamAV on a cPanel Server

ClamAV is an popular open source anti-virus toolkit for *nix, and while many people don’t find much value in using antivirus software on Unix, it is very useful for email scanning. cPanel’s implementation allows end users to run scans on their home folders, public FTP folders, mail, and public_html. It’s really hard to install ClamAV…

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Overview of PHP Handlers

One user on the cPanel forums spent some time summarizing the four PHP handlers,currently available via EasyApache, into a neat little chart that makes it easy to do a quick comparison. With that user’s permission, I’m posting the chart here: Click on the image for the original-sized diagram. Thanks to Miraenda from for providing…

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