Installing an SSL Certificate for MySQL

From time to time I’ve had users ask me to install an SSL certificate for their MySQL server. Currently this support is not enabled in cPanel automatically, nor is there an option to use it in WHM > Manage Service SSL Certificates at the time this article was written. However, you can install a certificate manually by following a few simple steps.…

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Installing PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL is an open-source database server similar (but different) than MySQL. cPanel has a built-in installer for setting up PostgreSQL easily. Keep in mind that the actual version of PostgreSQL you get depends on your OS version. For instance, CentOS 4 users will likely get version 7, CentOS 5 will get version 8. First, run…

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Upgrading or Downgrading MySQL

Update 2/15/14:  These instructions have been updated for cPanel 11.36+. You can easily change the major version of MySQL running on your server, keeping in mind that the actual version will be dependent on what cPanel has released in their repository and what cPanel version you’re running.  For example, if you’re running cPanel 11.40, you…

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