cPanel 11.42 Cheat Sheet

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In 2010, we released our first cPanel cheat sheet for version 11.25.  Admittedly, we haven’t been keeping up with the times.  A lot has changed with cPanel over the last few years and an update is well overdue.

Though labeled for version 11.42, the new cheat sheet is verified to be accurate for the following versions:

  • 11.36
  • 11.38
  • 11.40
  • 11.42

Hop on over to our Cheat Sheets page to download the newest version.  Due to the popularity of our 11.25 cheat sheet and by popular request from our visitors and clients, we plan to release a new cheat sheet for every new minor cPanel version.  We will also be developing more cheat sheets in the near future for various parts of your system that we couldn’t squeeze into the cPanel one.

(in case you’re wondering how many times I can say “cheat sheet” in a single post, the answer is “8”)




  1. Ed Reply

    Thanks Vanessa for updating this and making it available.

    One typo under software installers? IMAP (Courier/Dovecot) /scripts//setupmailserver

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