Enhancing Your cPanel SPAM Protection with SpamExperts

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With spam continuing to be an increasing problem, hosting providers are always looking for ways to filter out junk so their customers remain as spam free as possible. SpamAssassin, the anti-spam software bundled with cPanel, will do a sufficient job in filtering some spam, but to truly get bragging rights as a spam-free host, you need something stronger.

The people over at SpamExperts provide a valuable service in protecting you from unwanted junk email. It smoothly integrates with cPanel and communicates with the SpamExperts servers via API to allow your users to set up and configure their own spam protection. As with most hosted spam solutions, you will need to set up your domains’ MX records to point to their servers so they can begin filtering your email:

Upon switching our email to use SpamExperts, we noticed that all of our “legitimate” email was delivered, and we received absolutely no spam! Email delivery was also very fast. Some of the features we also found useful are:

  • Availability of raw logs tracking every email that was process by their system
  • Quarantine area, for viewing email that was captured as spam
  • Statistics
  • Ability to instantly report spam
  • Extension filtering
  • Sender and recipient blacklists and whitelists
  • API for cPanel integration

Pricing is also very reasonable to fit any hosting provider’s budget – as low as $.41USD per domain per year, with bulk purchase options available. It’s very easy to offer the additional spam protection to your customers as either a paid or free service.

cPanel Integration

The email firewall products come with a cPanel plugin called “ProSpamFilter2” which allow the administrator to manage the server-wide settings, as well as end users in cPanel to customize spam protection for their own domains:

We at The cPanel Admin fully recommend SpamExperts as an excellent anti-spam addition to your server. You can offer it as part of your hosting package, or as a value-add upgrade feature.

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