Executable not set-uid root

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One of the servers here at work was giving a 500 Internal Server error whenever a PHP page was loaded. Among the various things that can cause this error when you’re running PHP in CGI mode (suPHP), this error showing up in the Apache log was most unusual. Turns out it’s due to the suphp binary missing its sticky/suid permissions.

SecurityException in Application.cpp:188: Do not have root privileges. Executable not set-uid root?

To fix, simply chmod +s the suphp binary:

chmod +s /opt/suphp/bin/suphp


  1. Nathan Reply

    Wait a minute. I had this very problem after installing fastCGI. Why in the world should suphp still be effecting my server when I’ve completely left it out of the recompile. It seems to have only been effecting wordpress installations.

  2. Vit Reply

    i gt same errors and pages unavailable when enabling that ruid2 in tweak settings (have suphp)

    so I dont have:
    but i have:

    so i did that chmod on it, and enabled ruid & apache restart. error still there

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