Exim ACL Ratelimit Database Not Available

In your Exim logs you may see errors like this:

Warning: ACL "warn" statement skipped: condition test deferred: ratelimit database not available

temporarily rejected connection in ?connect? ACL: ratelimit database not available

This likely means the Exim cache databases are corrupted. You can clear them by running:

rm -fv /var/spool/exim/db/*

Then restart Exim.

The files in question are:

  • /var/spool/exim/db/ratelimit
  • /var/spool/exim/db/ratelimit.lockfile
  • /var/spool/exim/db/retry
  • /var/spool/exim/db/retry.lockfile
  • /var/spool/exim/db/wait-dk_remote_smtp
  • /var/spool/exim/db/wait-dk_remote_smtp.lockfile
  • /var/spool/exim/db/wait-remote_smtp
  • /var/spool/exim/db/wait-remote_smtp.lockfile


  1. dwhs Reply

    I am having the same error here, but after removing these files I still get just not as much.

    I get a lot of these too: Warning: Sender rate 0.0 / 1h

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