How to Rebuild cPanel Bandwidth Graphs

How to Rebuild cPanel Bandwidth Graphs
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Cpanel 11.25 restructured the way that bandwidth RRD files are being processed, in that each service has two RRD files – one for peak, and one for rate. The “peak” file is used for long timespans of a month or longer, and the “rate” file covers a timespan of a week or less. The following is an example of files that would be created for


Re rebuild the RRD databases for a user, run:

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuildbwrrd <user>

To do this for the entire server:

/usr/local/cpanel/bin/rebuildbwrrd –all

Beware though that cPanel 11.25 requires a bit more disk space for the new bandwidth graphs, so if you have /var on a separate partition and there won’t be enough room, I recommend doing the following:

mv /var/cpanel/bandwidth /home

ln -s /home/bandwidth /var/cpanel/bandwidth

You’re basically moving the bandwidth graphs to another location and linking them to /var/cpanel/bandwidth.

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