Statistics Management

One of the more important features to customers is the ability to view and analyze their web traffic. CPanel offers three statistics programs for end users to view their stats, all of which are free and open source: Analog AwStats Webalizer Configuring Stats In WHM, go to Statistics Software Configuration and select which statistics programs…

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cPanel: Installing Mod_Python on Apache 2

Note: It is preferred to use mod_wsgi instead of mod_python. If you want to use mod_python in Apache on a cPanel server, you’ll basically need to compile the module manually and load it into the Apache configuration: yum -y install subversion (IF it’s not already installed) svn co mod_python cd mod_python ./configure –with-apxs=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs make…

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Upgrading or Downgrading MySQL

Update 2/15/14:  These instructions have been updated for cPanel 11.36+. You can easily change the major version of MySQL running on your server, keeping in mind that the actual version will be dependent on what cPanel has released in their repository and what cPanel version you’re running.  For example, if you’re running cPanel 11.40, you…

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