cPanel Out of Memory Errors

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I’ve seen several features of cPanel appear to malfunction, and upon reviewing /usr/local/cpanel/logs/error_log, I’d see something similar to this:

Out of memory during request for 2180 bytes, total sbrk() is 130234368 bytes!

Common places this has been known to occur:

  • In Webmail (Horde and Roundcube) when opening large attachments
  • Using cPanel’s perl module installer

You could legitimately be out of RAM, but most likely the cause is cPanel’s internal memory limit. You can raise this in WHM > Tweak Settings:

“The maximum memory a cPanel process can use before it is killed off (in megabytes). Values less than 128 megabytes can not be specified. A value of “0” will disable the memory limits.”

Or you can adjust the maxmem setting in /var/cpanel/cpanel.config.


  1. Presoon Reply

    Thank you…. that worked well..
    I faced the issue with the update now button in Awstats. It give a blank page. The cPanel error log showed out of memory issue.

    This fix really helped me. 🙂

  2. Antonie Reply

    Very useful, thank you.

    We had these “Out of memory” issues when trying to restore cPanel accounts from cpmove-xxx.tar.gz files and changing this to unlimited resolved the problem.

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