Executable not set-uid root

One of the servers here at work was giving a 500 Internal Server error whenever a PHP page was loaded. Among the various things that can cause this error when you’re running PHP in CGI mode (suPHP), this error showing up in the Apache log was most unusual. Turns out it’s due to the suphp…

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Exim ACL Ratelimit Database Not Available

In your Exim logs you may see errors like this: Warning: ACL “warn” statement skipped: condition test deferred: ratelimit database not available temporarily rejected connection in ?connect? ACL: ratelimit database not available This likely means the Exim cache databases are corrupted. You can clear them by running: rm -fv /var/spool/exim/db/* Then restart Exim. The files…

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Quota Errors in Exim’s Panic Log

In cPanel 11.25, you may be seeing errors like this in /var/log/exim_paniclog: 2010-04-15 12:33:27 failed to expand condition “${if exists {$home/etc/$domain/quota}{${if > {${lookup{$local_part}lsearch{$home/etc/$domain/quota}{$value}{0}}}{0}{${if eq {${if exists {$home/mail/$domain/$local_part/maildirsize}{1}{0}}}{0}{${if > {${run {/usr/local/cpanel/bin/eximwrap GETDISKUSED $local_part $domain}}}{${lookup{$local_part}lsearch{$home/etc/$domain/quota}{$value}{0}}}{true}{false}}}{${perl{checkuserquota}{$domain}{$local_part}{$message_size}{${lookup{$local_part}lsearch{$home/etc/$domain/quota}{$value}}}{$home/mail/$domain/$local_part/maildirsize}}}}}{false}}}{false}}” for virtual_user_maildir_overquota router: absolute value of integer “10485760000” is too large (overflow) To fix this, run : /scripts/reset_mail_quotas_to_sane_values –force –confirm –verbose…

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